New Opportunities in Guessing Market Led by MonteCarlo based on Blockchain Technology

Recently, MonteCarlo, a guessing zoo system based on blockchain technology, has attracted strong attention. The industry's demand for "guessing" games and the high risk of centralized websites have made Monte Carlo especially popular in many website forums, and hundreds of media rushed to report it. MonteCarlo zoology system has been invested by MonteCarlo, the largest entertainment group in Monaco, which has made its guessing zoology system reality. At the same time, with the development upsurge of blockchain technology all over the world, the attention of Monte Carlo has been rising.

Relies on SBM (MonteCarlo Coastal Resort Group), a Monaco competitive entertainment company, Monte takes the innovation of blockchain entertainment mode as its own responsibility. It is committed to building chain infrastructure for pan-entertainment industries such as games, guessing, e-sports, NFT and Metauniverse, as well as building a cross-domain, cross-zoology, global blockchain entertainment complex that integrates with blockchain and relies on the entity pan-entertainment industry, providing a bottom-level platform support with anonymity, openness, reliability and fairness for technology developers and entertainment value creators.

MonteCarlo zoology makes full use of the decentralized, unchangeable, fair and equitable characteristics and advantages of blockchain technology, into realizing the construction and development of a new business model under the background of the new era, which will completely subvert the traditional guessing industry, the traditional asset trading platform and the traditional foreign exchange market acceptance industry with a market size of hundreds of billions of dollars.

MonteCarlo zoology will first gain market share and accumulate solid user support through the penetration of target industries (guessing, asset trading), and on this basis, gradually develop into a blockchain technology platform that is truly combined with real business applications.

The foundation of value interaction is the establishment of mutual trust. The revolution of blockchain technology lies in its realization of a brand-new way of trust. Through the design innovation at the technical level, the trust relationship between people can be transformed into the trust between people and technology in the process of value interaction, and even some links can be automatically executed by programs, so that commercial activities can be realized at a lower cost.
MonteCarlo zoology is based on the competitive entertainment industry, and it is feasible to use the unique characteristics of blockchain technology to address the pain points of the industry development, both from the technical and the economic point of view.
The decentralized guessing entertainment platform built on MonteCarlo zoology system makes full use of the characteristics of blockchain technology, which will solve the irrationalities of the current guessing game industry, including the low rate of return of the traditional guessing game platform, which has been criticized; Lack of products available to participate in guessing games; the traditional guessing game platform is not open and opaque, with legal risks, potential risks of the platform escaping with money, financial security problems, and doubts about cheating of operators, etc.

Since the guessing game platform built on MonteCarlo zoology is decentralized, it will not be controlled by any stakeholder groups. At the same time, MonteCarlo zoology guessing entertainment platform uses distributed account books to record guessing information. No one can tamper with the game records on the application, which fundamentally eliminates the risk of "black box operation". For example, the football game guessing , MonteCarlo zoologyguessing entertainment platform will collect and check the official results data in real time. All users will get a unanimously recognized result, and then MonteCarlo zoology's smart contract will automatically perform revenue distribution according to the calculated game return rate. Because the execution of the smart contract is preset in advance, and the guessing game information of all people is recorded on the blockchain and cannot be modified. Therefore, it can ensure that all users are in a fair, open and just game environment. Blockchain technology itself has become the most powerful endorsement of guessing game applications.
At the same time, MonteCarlo zoology scattered many nodes all over the world, so that the network could not be destroyed and captured. Finally, the anonymous function brought by blockchain will also help users to engage in guessing entertainment more safely. More importantly, based on the decentralized characteristics of MonteCarlo zoology guessing entertainment platform, there will be no bookmakers to control the rate of return or deliberately manipulate the market, so there will be no bookmakers running away. Users who participate in guessing games on Monte Carlo Zoo will have no worries.
MonteCarlo zoology guessing entertainment platform will take hashing guessing as the entry point in the early stage, and launch left and right hashing, lucky hashing, and guessing games, etc. In the later stage, it will continue to expand into a full-range guessing platform including sports events, meta-universe NFT, chess games, etc., and stretch a new blueprint for blockchain guessing entertainment!

As a blockchain guessing platform, MonteCarlo has become a benchmark in the industry, through which the pain points of guessing industry can be basically solved, and an efficient competitive environment can be provided for users.
Future visions

Monte Carlo Zoo is committed to solving the pain points of the traditional guessing entertainment platform, changing the single entertainment types and ways, creating a new online and offline guessing entertainment platform, making blockchain play a greater role in guessing entertainment, bringing all parts of the world into the scope of MonteCarlo zoology guessing entertainment, and making people's lives more exciting!
At present, MonteCarlo zoology has reached cooperation agreements with Monaco, the United States and other guessing entertainment venues, and is steadily carrying out the access work. At the same time, it is believed that more guessing entertainment venues will join the guessing entertainment circle of MonteCarlo zoology in many countries around the world, such as Britain, the United States, China and Macau, to list just a few.

- CoinRado