Meta Farm World Green Farming Yuan Farm World

It is a digital farming space that uses digital technology to create a meta-universe space that interacts with the virtual world from the real world and has a new social system.
Meta Farm World is committed to become a global meta-universe incubation platform on the chain, incubated by the Open Domain Dao community and established with the investment of Hiro Capital Foundation, dedicated to building a world-class virtual meta-growing strategy development platform.
Meta Farm World is developed by the top technical team, incorporating agricultural on-chain technology means, meta-universe + Gamefi + Defi + Web3.0 and other technologies and technical applications, providing various services and traffic support for global meta-universe projects, realizing sustainable development, effective governance, capital guarantee, openness and transparency of the project, and promoting Meta Farm World green farmers The long-term stable development of Meta Farm World.
So how do we participate in Meta Farm World? In the Meta Farm World meta-universe ecology, players can choose from four planting packages, 100U, 500U, 2000U, and 4500U respectively.
The amount of energy gained from planting different packages is also different, and the energy is returned to the player at 1% of the investment amount every day, and 1 energy is equal to 1 USDT in Meta Farm World metaverse ecology.
How to get more energy? You can earn more energy through three sections
1、Share earnings 2、Farm cultivation earnings 3、Farm owner management earnings
The energy earned, we have two uses, the first can be directly exchanged for USDT, the second can complete the farm tasks to earn 100% of the ecological cotton pass.
In the task system, we have six props are air, sunlight, rain, fertilizer, dog, dog food. Meta Farm World green farming yuan farm world players can also not spend any money free to steal each other's cotton pass, the system randomly pushed 10 farms every day, you can steal 3 times a day for free, up to 10% of the player's earnings can be stolen, if the player has a dog, the player will return without success. .
The total number of cotton passes is set at 190,000, with a fixed output of 398 per day, with exquisite quantities and superb prices, and with each transaction and destruction, the quantity will also be extremely deflationary, while the price will rise by 1%-5% range per day as players continue to participate.
In Meta Farm World Green Farming Meta Farm World, then how do we earn more Cotton Passes?
In Meta Farm World Green Farming Meta Farm World will provide players with three different kinds of rental props, respectively workers, hoes, harvesters, free to rent with our energy, 1 energy is equal to 1 labor value, different props require different energy, while the labor value is also different. The higher the labor value, the higher the daily income.
How is our personal income calculated? Using our personal labor value ÷ network-wide labor value X daily output of 398 X reduced production value, if the player does not water the props inside the task system within the time limit earnings will be reduced.
This is just the beginning, we imagine that one day Meta Farm World can solve complex environmental problems, green ecological development, and provide realistic and interactive value experience for everyone by applying 3D, AR, VR and other technologies already.
Meta Farm World continues the legend and empowers the future
- CoinRado