Haya volcano HOTV, a more pure MeMe than Shib

Looking back at the last bull market, you must be impressed by MeMe, which has risen hundreds of thousands of times in the past eight months. Some people get rich from a coin, some people step empty regret, of course, there are some in the Shib secondary market new high, while Shouting "Shib do not live up to everyone" while rushing, the final high quilt friends.

So people have been looking for Shib footprints, hoping to find the next sudden rich myth."The next shit coin" did not wait, but on a " Shit coin " thief boat, PI xiu, stolen coins, run countless.

"That you said so much, how to find the next excrement coin?」

The rise of Shiba Inu has caused an unprecedented change in MeMe culture and currency concept in the world. Since then, thousands of "Something-Shib" tokens have been introduced in an attempt to take advantage of current "trends" and investors' mentality to buy "NEXT SHIBA INU" early on. This destroys the encrypted world users to trust the INU name

Shib's story ended after Shib founder Royoshi, in May, deleted all his tweets in May. Looking at Shib, a daily k-chart like gamefi, people can not help feeling that Shib may not be really MeMe, or with the rapid development of the project, the project party has lost the heart of Shib.

I wonder, can we create a truly decentralized MeMe? Like BTC, there is no absolute Dazhuang, no so-called project party leader. Everyone is the serist and everyone is the real MeMe of the project side. So the story of HOTV begins

HOTV by overseas whale CRYPTOFIED1 platform Haya of the volcano Haya volcano (CRYPTOFIED1 and Zhao Changpeng friends twitter)

Haya Ecology is the world's first to rely on the Qatar Foundation with overseas dividend tokens

Through the world's largest flow of the Qatar Football World Cup detonated the whole universe, the goal through the world's major community Dao autonomy

Fully 100% decentralized management authority discarded, entrust Volcano Community as the global benchmark flagship community, and strive to make its first ecological token HOTV Huya Volcano coin in the next three years, to become the king of Bitcoin public chain in China! The defi 3.0 Terminator owns the HOTV

Online time: The BSC smart chain was launched at 18:00, November 18th

The opening price was $8.60

Project mechanism: 4% oil distribution, 1% destruction, 1% marketing

At 100,000,90% of the supply has gone into the black hole

At present, only 10,000 HOTV transactions are in circulation, 550 have been destroyed, and only 9,450 are in circulation

The Chinese-language Volcano Dao Community has been established

Hold no threshold violence dividend oil, Qatar World Cup only overseas dividend token

Pure overseas community drives the global market, an ecological value currency that can surpass BTC

Qatar World Cup only overseas dividend token, bringing glory and wealth back to HOTV name depends on you

Individuals, filling the market with these "Haya of the volcano" tokens has left many promising investors

Join the Volcano community to create a new generation of Memecoin community for the World Cup.

All the charity companies come together. The charity team has reached a consensus with some influential people. We will tell all the members, in due course. Any meme token is already in influential power. Similarly, we are also clear that charity is a silent language, but the team will be global with the borderless nature of blockchain

world without end. Maybe one day the world will be different, and there will be no more poor people. But illness and accidents can destroy any family! So what our team can do is to continue to cooperate with the world charity companies have reached cooperation, using the technology on the blockchain to complete a global public welfare cause

Overseas project parties for the planning of ecological sub-currency, sub-currency 8% transaction dividend, mechanism

All holders must hold one HOTV to enjoy the sub-currency dividends

Subcoins will enable HOTV, and mandatory lock holders must hold one HOTV to enjoy

Subcurrency dividend


Co-sale of global limited NFT, holding more than 50 HOTV can enjoy free airdrop, NFT i. e. pass can enjoy all the ecosystem airdrop


When the price reaches more than 500 US dollars, open the pledge mining, ecology will empower the coins, the coins enabling HOTV, three-ring buckle step by step.


According to the white paper, overseas project parties will jointly cooperate with GAMEFI leaders to develop HOTV ecological game HOTV

The rise of coins and HOTV will launch the NFT market to develop and sell the NFT. The background of each NFT will be for each donor family. We show every victim to all the investors of the blockchain through NFT, with a huge influence! We firmly believe that charity is the focus of every big man! At the same time, NFT can also sell or pledge in the market to obtain other coins

HOTV mobility was burned, 90% of the supply was burned, authority was broken into the black hole, no project side, everyone is equal.

Goim to surpass bitcoin in the New Year

- CoinRado