GODE CHAIN on-chain ecological Cookieswap/Cookie NFT is launched simultaneously, laying a new benchmark for WEB3.0-based public chain industry

Cookieswap/Cookie NFT is now live as the first decentralized exchange (DEX) and the first decentralized NFT trading platform on GODE CHAIN.


Cookieswap (https://swap.gode.vip), the first decentralized exchange (DEX) on the GODE CHAIN chain, has officially launched on November 10, 2022. cookieswap is based on the GODE CHAIN meta-chain technology that uses the AMM automatic market maker mechanism to facilitate free exchange between digital assets, and the protocol is available to any individual user who has installed decentralized wallet software.
Cookieswap is fully deployed on the chain, which does not store user funds and personal data on servers, but simply serves as an infrastructure to match buyers and sellers who wish to buy and sell digital assets. Such transactions happen directly between participants (peer-to-peer) with the help of a transaction aggregation engine. Unlike centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges are better in terms of asset security, transaction experience, and depth of transactions.
Cookieswap attempts to use decentralized protocols to make the digital asset trading process completely de-intermediated, fundamentally lowering the threshold for the general public to participate in finance, thus building a technologically advanced, efficient and smooth financial tool. Currently, Cookieswap already supports 8 national and regional languages and will better serve the GODE CHAIN ecological development.

Cookie NFT.
Cookie NFT platform is a decentralized, multi-chain NFT marketplace based on GODE CHAIN, creating an NFT industry of project incubation operation management, NFT design, casting and sales, providing secondary circulation of NFT works and artist IP incubation operation services. NFT-related projects can be found and introduced to the market by visiting nft.cookieswap.vip, empowering designers, stars and artists and increasing the economic income of creators through digital works. At the same time, the incubation operation strategy is used to promote the circulation of NFT works, improve economic benefits and promote the rapid development of the platform and partners.

Compared to centralized NFT trading platforms, decentralized NFT trading platforms have the advantage of greatly facilitating NFT players to easily trade their individual NFT works; they can achieve low operating costs or even zero fees; they do not require registration and are oriented towards global markets and borderless trading.
Based on this, Cookie NFT has made more refined and beneficial constructive moves to ensure a sustainable flow of NFT, innovation in its works, and improving the ecology of the platform.
With predictions that 90% of NFTs will lose their value in the next few years, Cookie will focus on the most valuable 10%, concentrating on the rarest and most unique NFT pieces; Cookie will integrate AR elements in the near future to enhance the relationship between the physical asset and the piece, enabling value and interactivity.
Cookie NFT is building a complete ecosystem for the NFT industry, providing security and convenience for participants in the NFT space. In the future, the ecosystem, including GameFi, digital property management, and open interfaces, will be improved.
- CoinRado