The global AI supercomputing supply platform SolaRoad is officially launched, promoting the development of global computing power supply in a more efficient direction

According to official news, the global AI supercomputing supply platform SolaRoad was officially launched at 15:00 04.06.2023 (UTC+8) . This is the world's first Web3 and metaverse infrastructure. SolaRoad innovatively solves the problem of AI computing power supply by building a new production relationship, and transforms computing power from a closed system dominated by giants to an open one where everyone can participate in co-construction and benefit sharing by reconstructing the global supercomputing industry chain. system, so that everyone can enjoy the digital dividend brought about by technological development.

As we all know, the development of the Web3 industry is inseparable from a powerful computing infrastructure network. If you want to have a more realistic experience in the virtual world, you need to process a larger amount of data and more models. Higher computing power brings stronger innovation capabilities, broadens the boundaries of AI applications, and can better practice the application of AI in social and technological aspects such as urban management and chip manufacturing. It is a stepping stone in the Web3.0 era.

SolaRoad aims to promote the rational layout of global supercomputing centers, optimize supply and demand, green intensification and interconnection, so as to improve the overall level of global AIGC computing power, promote green development, expand effective data, and promote the development of AIGC generation technology.

The vision of SolaRoad is to create a HPCS high-performance supercomputing space network. Through distributed computing power clusters and Ai artificial intelligence engines, it can more efficiently achieve exponential growth in the current supercomputing center cluster, thereby reducing computing costs and improving commercialization. value.

As one of the global data center infrastructure providers, SolaRoad's business covers IDC data center, data security, cloud computing, DNS&CDN, system research and development, etc. Provide multi-centralized supercomputing computing power leasing services for clients, Web3 organizations, and enterprise-level users, build a supercomputing cluster based on the SOLA-G7 computing power server through the model on the blockchain chain, and mainly build decentralized digital intelligence Integrate AI computing power system to serve global AI enterprises and digital economy enterprises.

In addition to resources such as global supercomputing clusters, SolaRoad also distributes computing needs to many nodes in the system, and distributes computing power to individual users to create value. In addition, by integrating idle computing resources around the world, it provides enterprises with super computing power services, and builds a computer computing power buyer's and seller's market based on the Token economy. Compared with traditional computing power services, SolaRoad supercomputing public chain reduces the threshold and usage fees of supercomputing services, and will bring efficient computing power services to artificial intelligence, blockchain and other fields in the future.

Currently, SolaRoad has established AI supercomputing service centers in Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand in Asia. In the future, it will gradually establish supercomputing service centers in North America and Europe, radiating the world from point to area. It plans to build supercomputing service clusters in 20 countries around the world within 2 years , to help promote the development of new production methods and landing applications of artificial intelligence.

In the future, with the continuous enrichment of the SolaRoad public chain ecology, not only GPU floating computing is required, but also CPU general computing is required, so the demand for commercial computing power will become increasingly important. Under the fourth industrial revolution, AI computing power is as valuable as the electricity of the third industrial revolution, and SolaRoad nodes will continue to enjoy the dividends of platform development. As the world's first supercomputing public chain based on the HPOS consensus mechanism , SolaRoad will continue to provide surging power for the Web3 era.

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