After the Silicon Valley Bank thunderstorm, what is UtilityNet, a science and technology innovation star that suddenly exploded in Silicon Valley?

Recently, the Silicon Valley Bank (Silicon Valley Bank) thunderstorm and the Federal Reserve made an emergency move. This may be the most important financial event after the new crown epidemic. After the thunder of Silicon Valley Bank, the scientific and technological innovation star UtilityNet suddenly exploded in Silicon Valley attracting attention from all parties . What is the sudden popularity of UtilityNet ? What will be the future value trend... This article will give you a simple analysis.

Introduction to UtilityNet Labs

UtilityNet Labs is a laboratory focusing on the research and application development of decentralized AI computing power network technology. Its mission is to build a reliable infrastructure for Web3.0, and has developed powerful decentralized AI computing power and application tools for this purpose.

The members of UtilityNet Labs have different professional backgrounds. The R&D team is composed of experts, professors and doctors from different fields such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet, distributed computing power network, cryptography, etc. The goal of the team is to build a global The largest high-performance distributed intelligent computing network has laid a solid AI computing power foundation for the industrial revolution of human society and the leap of civilization.

About UtilityNet

The vision of UtilityNet is to create a larger, cheaper and more efficient AI computing power chain network based on the HPCS high-performance distributed intelligent computing network. It is different from the traditional centralized computing power network and cloud computing power network, UtilityNet will build the world's largest AI computing cluster resource pool.

UtilityNet aggregates scattered AI physical computing resources into a huge computing power pool, and executes computing tasks in response to different development needs. For developers, operating a distributed AI cluster resource can be as simple as using a computer allowing developers to focus on their own professional fields and develop efficiently.

The goal of UtilityNet is to build the world's largest high-performance distributed intelligent computing network, laying a solid AI computing power foundation for another industrial revolution in human society and a leap in civilization.

The relationship between UtilityNet and UNC?

UNC is the token of the UtilityNet platform, and the number of issuances is 10 billion As the token of the UtilityNet platform, UNC is an economic incentive system that can promote value payment, value exchange, and ecological construction. UNC, as a functional reward of UtilityNet, is used for incentive rewards for the entire AI supercomputing platform of UtilityNet . It can encourage and promote the network optimization of UtilityNet's supercomputing system and the ecological development of AI supercomputing.

UNC's economic model?

In UtilityNet's creation block distribution, % is allocated as DAO organization management, % is allocated as technical node management fund, 1% is used as initial mining fuel, and the remaining 97 is allocated to UtilityNet miners as mining rewards for Provide services such as AI computing power, blockchain maintenance, data distribution, and contract operation. These rewards will support multiple types of mining over time.

The economic model of UtilityNet is based on the benefit of the overall Token value , so that UNC extreme deflation is conducive to the healthy development of the ecology . Scientific research, petroleum exploration, biopharmaceuticals, industrial simulation, chip simulation, automotive machinery, financial economy, multimedia rendering, big data learning, artificial intelligence algorithm simulation and optimization, multi-type data analysis and encoding and decoding, etc. Provide circulation warrants and AI computing power resources support.

UtilityNet market prospect and future value

The current social development has entered the era of digital intelligence in an all-round way. With the advancement of the wave of technological innovation, new application scenarios for computing power continue to emerge, and the demand continues to surge. Under the deep empowerment of AI and deep learning, including smart cars, autonomous driving , Metaverse, AI robots and other scenarios are continuously iteratively upgraded, all of which will put forward new demands on computing power, and the multi-scenario co-prosperity computing power ecology is taking shape.

High-performance distributed AI computing power will be a trillion-dollar-scale industry in the next ten years, and UtilityNet, as an industry-leading high-performance distributed intelligent computing network, hopes to become the most advanced in the global distributed computing power field in the next few years. Professional, largest scale and full ecological application service platform. To accomplish this goal, the infrastructure construction scale of UtilityNet will also be trillions. Once it reaches such a scale, the value of UtilityNet's ever-deflationary Token will be unparalleled.

In the next 3 to 10 years, the use of AI supercomputing to realize the subversive application of distributed storage will lead to explosive growth of the entire market, and it will no longer be limited to the computing power of Filecoin nodes only to generate Tokens, without storing huge amounts of data and generating actual The application mechanism creates the dilemma of driving high and going low .

AI computing power has very important value in the commercial field. With the gradual popularization of artificial intelligence technology, more and more enterprises and institutions need to conduct research and application of AI technologies such as big data analysis, deep learning, and machine learning. These applications require a large amount of computing resources, and AI computing power is the key to meeting these needs. Therefore, UtilityNet, which provides AI computing power, can obtain a lot of commercial value, including providing AI-based services, cloud computing, edge computing, and other services, as well as providing various AI application development tools, libraries, and platforms. As the scope of application of artificial intelligence technology continues to expand, the commercial value of AI computing power will continue to grow.

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